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Token creation, management and airdrops. All taken care of in one place with PairDrop – Solana’s first Airdrop interface.


One place to see all your NFTs in a flick book format. Invite your friends, follow other artists’ collections and swap your NFTs for free. 


NFT-ready file generation for artists and designers with no coding knowledge required. Zip up your images and let ZipArt do the rest. 

Say Hello to VooVoo

Home to Banksy NFTs and more 

Web3dom are VooVoo’s official development partner, delivering an end-to-end experience for collectors to buy and sell NFTs.

NFT Marketplace

Advancing digital ownership and immersive experiences, VooVoo is a Solana based NFT Marketplace with its own native Voo token.

Home to Banksy and other high value digital art, users can buy and sell their NFTs all in one place.

Crypto Token

Launched on the Solana Blockchain, Voo token has a total supply of half a billion tokens. 

With ultra low fees and rapid transaction speeds from the Solana ecosystem, users can buy and sell their NFTs using the Voo token and other cryptocurrencies.

Native Wallet

With its own native wallet, VooVoo delivers a vivid NFT experience. Also supports major crypto wallets such as Ledger and Phantom. 

Smart Contracts

VooVoo’s smart contracts are deployed on the Solana Blockchain with lazy minting, NFT randomisation and fractionalisation capabilities.   

Other Crypto Stuff

Crypto Marketing

Have you seen Floki? 

We don’t just build. We help projects communicate their message to the masses.

Stake Pool Deployment

Turnkey stake pools designed for influencers and businesses with a large staking audience. Node development for Cardano, Solana, Avalanche and other Layer 1s.